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  • Douglas Griggs

The Realmgate Wars

Welcome Wargamers, to the beginning of a tale of endless war, epic heroism and monsters of destruction! The Realmgate Wars were a series of Campaign supplements (as well as Black Library tie-in novels) that debuted with the launch of Age of Sigmar, the game. Sadly, Games Workshop no longer prints these books, so many newer gamers struggle to follow some of the important plot threads. Well have no fear! I've gone book by book and broken down the major events and narratives so you can catch up. This video series was one of my favorites to do, and I hop you enjoy them as well!

So there it is, the epic start of a grizzly campaign. The last sparks of hope for the forces of Order, and a delicious challenge for the forces of chaos. Stay tuned for more lore compilations like this, I have so many!

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